Monday, May 30, 2016

Identity crisis

Identity crisis

It was not my mistake that I entered into a wrong reception hall. If there were so many halls in the same street and if the name of the groom rhymed with the name of my friend though the syllables are different and if the reception girls standing there welcomed us with warm smile and cool flowers then there was no other option except to accept that invitation and got into that hall.

Verification of the name of the groom there seemed to be a great disrespect for the happy people wandering there. Hence I went to the last row and occupied a seat there. Oh. I forgot to bring my spectacles. Even, with spectacles ,  my eye sight is very poor. Without the spectacles, I was not able to verify the face of the groom .It was a distant possibility from that distance.  Hence I lost interest in that process.

There were other distractions for me there.  The aroma coming from the dining hall situated adjacent  to the reception hall attracted many people like me and lured by that smell, many legs moved in that direction . I also followed those legs in that parade and reached the dining hall. What a delicious sight. I had a sumptuous feast savoring variety of vegetables, variety rice, chocolate, ice cream etc. etc and returned back to stand in the queue to present the bouquet and gift to the couple.

When I went near the stage, I could see the face of the groom. Oh my God. He is not my friend. My mental efforts to remove the thick makeup materials from that person’s face to reveal the true identity of the face also turned futile and it was not my friend’s face. Meanwhile I was pushed to go and stand in front of the couple.

A pleasant surprise happened at that time. Bride’s father introduced me to the couple “he is my distant cousin’s grandfather’s brother’s grandson’. What? Me! I was little bit relieved. I handed over the bouquet and gift packet to the couple and left the stage majestically with broad smile and without having any guilty feeling for having consumed that sumptuous dinner.
--------------------------------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

Monday, May 2, 2016

Old is new

Old is new
Every word is
Already uttered

Every action is
Already performed

Every idea is
Already thought

Every life is
Already lived

What is new 
That is old
---------------------Nagendra Bharathi 
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