Thursday, April 30, 2009

Will Power

Will Power


It is a lonely path

The sun is very hot

The pond is without water

The tree had lost it's leaves

Hairless crow crying alone

Far far away a village

Where people are starving but living

To join them to help them

Walking with empty hand

But filled with strong will

-------------------- Nagendra Bharathi


Wednesday, April 29, 2009




Market's cycle in ups and downs

Nature's cycle in hot and cold

Tree's cycle in seed and fruit

River's cycle in Hills and Plains

School cycle in pass and fail

Office cycle in hire and fire

Human cycle in joy and sorrow

Life's cycle in birth and death

Sun's cycle in moving time

Planet's cycle in cosmic conscience

--------------------------Nagendra Bharathi


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

God Flower

God Flower


Stay a second to see the flower

Take a moment to taste the beauty

Crystal drops of dews on top

Slender greenery roots to pop

Check the tilted lips to smile

Pick the fragrance peeping around

Feel the wind as gentle flow

Safe and smooth to make it dance

Who is he in search of God

Where is God if not in here

------------------- Nagendra Bharathi


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Real Market

Real Market
Buying a house to make it as home
is real economy
Purchasing a house to chase it's price
is market economy
Saving from salary to select for consumption
is real economy
Borrowing from Banks to purchase the luxury
is market economy
Earning per share to increase on strengths
is real economy
Betting on shares to bring up the EPS
is market economy
Trading with countries to respect their supply
is real economy
Teasing the countries to bargain and protect
is market economy
World is a place for all to prosper
is real economy
Self is a place for greed and fear
is market economy
------------------------ Nagendra Bharathi

Saturday, April 25, 2009




When you want to buy the price is high

When you want to sell the price is nil

When you want to start no money to support

When you want to close no money to report

When you want to go many people to hire

When you want to come many people to fire

When you want to export tax benefit rare

When you want to import tax burden share

Re-session of recession Rehearsing the Deflation

Gross Dometic Product Great Depression Parent

----------------------Nagendra Bharathi


Friday, April 24, 2009

Toxic Assets

Toxic Asstes


Intoxicated Markets Toxic Assets

Liabi lities Lie on Abilities

Infused Funds Confused Firms

Ruptured Banks Cultured Bankruptcies

Insolvent Companies Dissoloving Economies

Oppor tunities Across the Borders

Demand and Supply Different Countries

Global Leaders Local Adjustments

Black and White Make it Green

Wait and See Wisdom Wins

---------------------- Nagendra Bharathi


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wall Street

Wall Street
Struggling Bull - Bearing Severe Strain
Stock Exchange - Changing Street Exchange
Freedom Steps - Eating Peanut Cookies
Wider Road - Waking Weekly Market
Sub Ways - Sucking People Streams
Begger's Fiddle - Freeing Music Strings
Doughnut Packets - Joining Starbuck Cups
Cruise Lineup - Waiting Queue at Hudson
Riverside Road - Roaming Foreign Crowd
Wall Street - Walking World Street
--------------------- Nagendra Bharathi

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Different Story

Different Story
Each one has a story
Peacocks are dancing
Lions are roaring
Clouds are raining
Rivers are flowing
Sun is shining
Moon is moving
Stars are singing
Snakes are curling
Each one has a story
a different story
-------------------- Nagendra Bharathi-

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Professional Crimers

Professional Crimers


Destroy the Evidence Deliver the law

Kill the Innocents Claim as Friend

Charge the Sample Save the Health

Say the Mountain Show the Stone

Target the Top Toil at Bottom

Torture the Child Tutor the Best

Price it More Pay it Less

Forget the Promise Populate the Wealth

Powerful Weapons Peaceful Purpose

Professional Crimers Perfectional Rhymers

------------------- Nagendra Bharathi


Monday, April 20, 2009




Flowers, Trees and wind in the park - but

park is missing

Boats , Birds and water in the river - but

river is missing

Clouds, stars and moon in the sky - but

sky is missing

Light, Sound and Smell in the air - but

air is missing

Sorrow, Joy and Peace in the life - but

life is missing

Body, mind and soul in this Me - but

Me is missing

Love, Love and Love in that She - but

she is missing

------------------ Nagendra Bharathi


Saturday, April 18, 2009

same world

Same World
same school But that board
same park But that tree
same pond But that swan
same house But that doll
same office But that table
same forest But that deer
same ground But that post
same shop But that smell
same station But that bench
same world But that age
-------------- Nagendra Bharathi

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Foot Prints

Foot Prints


Streets have their own foot prints

The place where the flowers smelled

The place where the leaves dropped

The place where the goats are reared

The place where the dogs barked

The place where the carts moved

The place where the cars roared

The place where their eyes met

The place where their eyes wept

Streets have their own foot prints

-------------- Nagendra Bharathi


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

United Clouds

United Clouds


Clouds are all there London and Newyork

Where does it start Where does it end

Who comes in first Who comes at last

Seasons come go Reasons pass fail

Pregnant with water Some times darker

Filled up with snow Some times whiter

They are not same Changing its shape

Scattered but united Clouds are all there

Under the sky across the universe

---------------- Nagendra Bharathi


Monday, April 13, 2009

An Evening in Train

An Evening in Train
It was an usual evening for that train
It was running, stopping opening and closing
Someone was quarrelling Someone was reading
Someone was sleeping Someone was thinking
Suddenly a child was crying
Everyone was looking at his mother
as though she was crying
She was throwing an uneasy face
The train was stopping The child was smiling
It was a usual evening for that train
Someone was crying Someone was smiling
It was running, stopping opening and closing
also caring
--------------- Nagendra Bharathi

Sunday, April 12, 2009

If you are friends

If you are friends
If you are friends Do you understand
If you are not friends Does he understand
If you are friends Do you help
If you are not friends Does he help
If you are friends Do you talk
If you are not friends Does he talk
If you are friends Do you listen
If you are not friends Does he listen
If you are friends You are friends
If you are not friends You are not friends
- Nagendra Bharathi

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Does She Know

Does She know


She Knows Why she cries

At that tender age She feeds

She teaches She Sings

She dances She Works

All for her girl child

she feeds she teaches

she sings she dances

she works All for her own self

Does she know Why She cries

At this Old Age

- Nagendra Bharathi


Friday, April 10, 2009

Nine Eleven

Nine Eleven
Nine Eleven Eight AM
World Trade Centre Subway Station
Shopping Malls Icecream Baby
Outside Park Umbrella Man
Opposite Church Wall Street Board
Office Entry Screaming Phones
Guarded Exit Ferry Queue
Hudson River Burning Towers
Icecream Baby? Umbrella Man?
- Nagendra Bharathi

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Night is a Friend

Night is a Friend
Moon and the Stars Might come and go
Night is a Friend Always for you
Dark is his Beauty Peace is his Duty
Sleep is his Choice Silence is his Voice
Roads are all Empty Trees are all Still
No one to Lecture No one to Torture
Is this the Heaven Is this the God
Mind goes to Find Night comes to help
Lights peeps to fight Night weeps and leaves
Oh there He goes Wait until Dusk
- Nagendra Bharathi

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

River Shivers

River Shivers
When you walk along the river
Would you ever hear her shiver
Would the hill get burnt
Would the wood get chopped
Would the plain get flooded
Would the blood get mixed
Would the flow get sucked
With the secret fear of slaughter
Where tears flow through her water

- Nagendra Bharathi

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here is My Space

Here is my Space
I am not Antony Addicted to Cleopatra
Here is my Space Computer and Mouse
Downloading the Music HandRolling the GameStick
Who is my Wife Who are my Kids
They are all There They know me Where
Office and Dine Movies and Wine
Age goes and Old No one to Hold
Bed test and Rest God move to Next
- Nagendra Bharathi

Thursday, April 2, 2009

To G20 or not to G20

To G20 or not to G20
To Nationalise or not to Nationalise That is America
To Rationalise or not to Rationalise That is India
To Articulate or not to Articulate That is Britain
To Participate or not to Participate That is Europe
To Devalue or not to Devalue That is Japan
To TreasuryBill or not to TreasuryBill That is China
To Believe or not to Believe the Leaders That is G20 People
- Nagendra Bharathi

Being for Her

'Being for Her'


Seeing her eyes is to Signal the self

Smiling at her is to Change her mood

Walking her side is to Watch her grace

Talking to her is to Touch her heart

Laughing with her is to Label the love

Drinking and eating are to Live for her sight

Thinking about her is to Drink the wine

Leaving her at night is to Weep till dawn

Breathing her name is to Bath in her soul

Bringing back life is to Being for Her

- Nagendra Bharathi