Saturday, September 12, 2015

Walk and Dog – Humorous article

Walk and Dog – Humorous article

Some people are fond of this act of walking. They say that this is good for health; for heart; for lungs. Some even go to the extent of saying that it is good for finger, nail, hair etc.  But I have a different opinion. Everybody has a right to have his own opinion. Right.

To me, it is me and my bed in the early morning. Two three pillows surrounding me and the blanket over me and of course the bed under me. That is it. As simple as that.

But with the passage of time, something has happened. I started feeling very tired even though I am not doing much work at office. When I consulted my doctor, he advised me to go for walking. What!  Me and walking. Never.  But considering the profession of the person advising me and the condition of my body revealed through various medical reports, I have to succumb to this act of walking.

One morning, not early morning, I went to a nearby park where I found to my surprise and excitement that there are many people in this world having problems like me. I also joined them with a sense of satisfaction.

There is a small circular road inside the park. I joined the parade of walking specimens there. Suddenly I heard a voice ‘If you walk slowly, take the far left position’ and the voice with the body crossed me pushing me to the left side. OK. I joined the left side parade. We all moved like a goods train slowly and steadily. The only difference is that we were not making that sound ‘Oh Oh, Chikku Chiku Oh Chiku’.

Suddenly something happened and my compartment fell down. Sorry I fell down. There was a dog entering into our parade and creating chaos. In that process I fell over the dog and then the dog fell over me and we were struggling to come out of that strong bond. After some time, there was a running race between me and the dog. The security guard intervened and the dog left the race.

I completed my walking process and sat on a bench there. When I sent a casual glance to the gate, I could see that the same dog sitting there, revengefully looking at me.  Though fear is not a feeling new to me, this dog with its savageous teeth sent some bad signals to my spine. After half an hour I gained some strength and approached the gate.

The dog stood up as though it is welcoming me. I slowly crossed the creature. It followed me. I increased my speed. The dog too. I started running. The dog also started running, following me with a fierceful barking.  The race again started. At last I won the race and narrowly escaped from the teeth of that dog and landed inside my house and closed the gate. The dog was there at the gate with a disappointed look.

Looking at me, my wife asked ‘It seems that you had a great exercise.’ Oh, it was a great escape.
----------------------------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

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