Friday, September 11, 2015

Myth about managers – Humorous article

Myth about managers – Humorous article

Many people think that managers lead a very happy relaxed life updating excel sheets and attending conference calls.  But let me share with you the manager’s activities and then you decide.

Every morning, his alarm bell is the call from his American counterpart asking the status report of the project.  Following is the call from his boss who would scold him on the red status of some other project not related to this manager. Having so many projects maintained in the same excel sheet is the problem with his boss but this manager would silently swallow the scolds. What to do. The other end is his super boss.

On reaching office, he would encounter so many HR related issues. One of them would be the resignation letter submitted by a key resource in his project. He has to discuss with him and convince him with a better pay packet than the one he got from other company.

Then starts the saga of conference calls. His team members, without understanding even a single syllable uttered by the American counterpart would agree to complete a thirty days job in ten days. The manager has to modify his project plan and excel sheet multiple times to make it happen.

Meanwhile a small subproject would arrive with onsite opportunity in Paris for only one resource. Many key resources would show interest in seeing the Eiffel tower. He has to do some background work to convince the customer to convert this project   as an offshore project thereby converting the Eiffel tower in the minds of those employees to Paisa tower.  What to do. Employee conflict is a very dangerous thing for the project.

Sometimes, the manager would use ‘F’ word and ‘S’ word against the team members to control them and to show them that he is an angry man , but he might not know that the employees  were using more bad words against him in local language as soon as they come out of his cabin.

Interaction with HR for getting suitable resource is another headache. They would send a senior resource saying they are more dependable than juniors but training those Cobol guys for Java project is another nightmare.

Junior guys on the other hand would do some part time job in the project alongwith facebook, twitter status updates. But in the timesheet, somehow they would show 150 percent utilization of their time for the project.

 The time will fly and a day will come when this company would be acquired by another company. A person who was sent out by this manager for poor performance would take charge as his boss from another company and this manager will be given pink slip.

Back home, his kids are ready for marriage. With lot of difficulties, using the gratuity and PF, he would arrange for their marriage. When he goes with the wedding cards to invite his relatives, it would take some time for his relatives to identify him as he has not attended any of their functions due to his work pressure as manager. Now tell me, is the manager’s life relaxed and peaceful?
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

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