Sunday, September 6, 2015

Love has too many eyes – Humorous article

Love has too many eyes – Humorous article 
Proverb says that ‘Love is blind’. But I am seeing that love has many many eyes. Nowadays boys and girls verify so many things before they love. They verify religion, caste, monetary position, status etc. Boys see the beauty; girls see the bounty; the money. And there is no love at first sight.  Love happens after many sights. After verifying with many websites.

Face book is a mass book for this purpose. But it is also fakebook. Fifty percent of facebook ids are fake ids.I know one person who went after that facebook picture profile of a girl and later on found her as a grand old lady. But generation Y  is very very careful. They verify facebook profile with google profile, linked in, twitter profile. They have so many eyes.

And love is also not one sided. It has so many sides. This one to one relationship is also undergoing changes. You go to college campus or office canteen. You would see boys surrounded by girls, girls surrounded by boys. There is one too many and even many to many relationships. Advanced database relationship concepts!.

They call it as friendship. There is a very thin line between friendship and love. If you are on that side, you are friend. If you come to this side, you will become lover.  And you are permitted to move here and there. Today you are lover. Tomorrow you could be friend and day after tomorrow you could be lover.

I don’t know whether the cinema borrowed this from society or society borrowed it from cinema. In many movies, the heroes would sing, dance with all the girls in the movie and then call them as friends at the end of the movie. In old movies it was different. There, they danced with them only in dream songs and then call them as sister in real or reel life.  In present day movies, they have become friends. Thank God.

Go to the theatre. You will see a long long queue inside the cinema hall , longer than the queue where you stood to buy the ticket. That queue is called pop corn queue. I don’t know whether they come to see the movie or to eat pop corn. Then I found out the reason. The pop corn is given in a big cup. Sorry that is called pop corn tub. They use this to cover their face. Hiding their identity. If you enter the cinema hall, you could see lot of pop corn faces, as though a pop corn festival is happening.

Seems that love on demand is also available. There is something called software as a service in cloud environment. Here it is love as a service in cloudy environment. If you go to beach, you would see that the lovers prefer to sit behind the boat. I don’t know whether that is a sacred love or secret love. These peanut / groundnut vendor boys become very rich because of these lovers. Nowadays, these vendor boys come with credit card machines. They ask ‘Visa?  or Master? ‘.

If you are an IT guy you have to be very careful. It depends on whether you are a hired junior or fired senior. If you are hired junior no issues. If you are fired senior, even though you have so many visa stamps in your passport your visa card will not be accepted. That is why, girls prefer non-software guys now.

Love has many many eyes. From college to office, to theatre to beach, we have seen so many eyes. Is Love Blind?

----------------------------------------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

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    I think love is sometimes blind - but it's seldom also deaf, which is just as well.