Sunday, September 13, 2015

Events in the evening - Humorous article

Events in the evening - Humorous article
It is natural for an ordinary human being like me to have the intention of enjoying an evening. On sensing my intention, my sofa was a bit relieved as it would be free from bearing me and my gyrating movements over it. The dangerous position of the springs inside that lifeless being was very much evident from the painful noise emanated from that sofa. Unnoticing all these happenings I started my venture out to enjoy the evening.

On my way to the door, I was disturbed by the noise coming out from my TV and found two reporters there happily narrating the shooting incident happened in our neighborhood. When I changed the channel I found a fat lady coughing, sneezing and explaining the nuances of leading a healthy life. I switched to another channel. There again the same neighborhood shooting incident and this time the reporters were very very happy to confirm the death of two people. I don’t know why these media guys are very much excited about these sad incidents.  I switched off the TV and strolled on the road.

There is a restaurant nearby wherein the potato chip is cooked in different format on different days and served with different names. I was curious to find out the name of this chip today. It was called ‘Chomsky’ on that particular day. The previous day, it was decorated with a different name ‘garlandi’. Well, with the same taste and same ingredients but with different name, this dish is luring the eaters to this restaurant, me included.

Then, visit to the park.  When the municipal authorities find few saplings creeping out from the ground, they immediately surround them with bamboo sticks and call it as park. This is one such park. It is more an amusement place than a park. Noise of the kids is more than the noise of the crows flying around there.  The kids were being compelled to play the see-saws, swings and what not to the satisfaction of their parents or grandparents but to the dissatisfaction of their own self. I could not tolerate this cruelty to the children and left the place and return home.

Without knowing how much cruel I am to the sofa, I  jumped on it. It emitted a painful voice saying ‘I am also like those children in the park’.  Unheard, I slept on it with chips and children on mind.

--------------------------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

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