Sunday, September 13, 2015

Color intelligence- Humorous article

Color intelligence - Humorous article 

It all started with RGB (Red, Green and Blue) and then moved to VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red) and now hundreds and hundreds of shades of colors.

One day, I went to a Mall, of course with my wife. As you know, all the Malls are by the ladies, for the ladies and of the ladies. We just accompany them. That is all. My wife entered into a textile shop and started spending time on selecting the so called piece, Sari. As you know, this will take several hours. Hence I tried to escape but on sensing this, she gave me an important job. ‘Please select a Sari for me in ‘ Botanic blue ‘   . I was little bit confused, why little bit, fully confused.. What is this Botanic blue? I have seen the color called blue.  I politely asked her ‘what is this species called botanic blue’. She showed me a sari and said ‘the same color but with light orange tinge mixed with it’

OK. I took that Sari as a sample piece and ventured into the crowd of saris and could find one and showed it to my wife. She threw a nasty look at me and said ‘this is atomic blue, not botanic blue. Ok leave it. I myself will find it ‘as though she is purchasing this sari for me. I stood there as a security statue for few hours and then I found her choosing a black sari. She said ‘This one is better for me’. Had this decision taken earlier, I would have shown my color intelligence to her as I have no problem with black and white colors.

She  is testing  my color intelligence at various places – in grocery stores, asking me to buy the cereal packet with ‘grim red ‘ color – in sweet stall , asking me to buy laddu in ‘stream orange’ color. I have difficulties in distinguishing even red with orange. How could I differentiate ‘grim’ and ‘stream’?  For me Black and white are the colors which I could easily differentiate like night and day. But what about these hundreds and hundreds of shades of colors. 

 I learnt that there are various training institutes to teach ‘Business intelligence ‘and ‘Artificial intelligence’. Please let me know if there is a coaching centre for ‘Color intelligence’.
---------------------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi


  1. A new avatar of flu virus "Blue" attached you, right! Superb humor sir!

  2. :-) I pity your plight Nagendra.You are not at fault,these days there is a population explosion in colors too.

  3. I was ROFL... I could relate back to your experience :)

  4. Ha ha ha :D. .Well to my knowledge there is nothing much about a color intelligence institute. But there is a lovely ted talk by Neil Harbisson if you like :). He talks very beautifully about color :)