Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cause of loss – Humorous article

Cause of loss – Humorous article

I never thought that the amount of ten thousand dollars I had deposited in that retail bank would cause the global recession. I don’t know the difference between retail banking and investment banking, but I sure know the difference between vegetable market and share market.

I buy vegetables for improving health and shares for improving wealth. But see what happened. Vegetable prices are on the rise. And the share prices down. Hitting me on both sides, health and wealth. But I had never imagined that my money at the retail bank is the cause for this loss.

I heard these Casino investment bankers had misused my money in retail bank thereby failing them and failed many of us. I don’t care about this Lehman brothers or sisters but I do worry about my brothers and sisters who lost their jobs.

I also found about that my ten thousand dollars was used by the retail bank to lend to various sectors for the productive use of land, labor, capital and knowledge. Meanwhile the casino bankers bought my derived money, the loans for creating the so called security papers and sold them in the global market.

When the loans get defaulted, those papers lost value and the investment market fell affecting the real economy as well. Now I am also jobless. We had also seen the below zero level interest rate and printing of paper money to boost the market.

Economy is still recovering and the Chinese downturn is also sending some red signals to Newyork downtown. Fed is still watching to raise the interest rate. My money is still lying in that retail bank without earning interest.  I am also spending more to buy the same vegetables with my little savings which is also losing its value. Let me pray God to reverse this global trend.

All due to my innocent act of depositing my money in that retail bank. I should have kept it in my wallet though I would have required a bigger one for this purpose. Or else I should have given this money to you guys to keep it safe. Now see what happened.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

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