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Awakening experience – Humorous Article

Awakening experience – Humorous Article  
Long long ago  so long ago a baby boy was born in a remote village in India. The newborn had one BIG problem!! He neither opened his eyes nor did he cry.The worried mother approached the doctor and pleaded “Doctor, please save my child!! “ 

The doctor took the baby in his arms and clicked his fingers .Lo and Behold the child opened its eyes and started wailing. The doctor explained ‘. Your son is a heavenly child. When he came from heaven to earth, there was severe transition stress. He did meditation for five minutes to relieve the stress’

The boy’s meditation journey started from that time.
When the boy was in his fifth standard, his class teacher complained to his mother saying that he was sleeping in the class.
Mother ‘Never Madam, He would not have slept. He would have practised Meditation’

Teacher ‘Is snoring, part of meditation or part of sleeping’
Mother ‘Madam, He is practicing the snoring meditation taught by our Guru Sleepanda focusing his attention on snoring to achieve super consciousness state.
Ever since the teacher stopped disturbing him while the boy blissfully snored.

As he moved to high school he mastered the art of meditating without snoring back ground music and there were no problems with the teachers at all.
But when he got into College, he found out a different dimension of meditation. Girls were meditating on boys and boys were meditating on girls.

Time flew by, and he was no longer contended with practicing meditation on his own .He wanted to learn meditation from a Guru.
Here, in every state, every district, every town, every village, even in every street, we have gurus to teach meditation. But the problem is that they prefer only female disciples.

With lot of difficulties, he found a guru.
Guru asked him to close eyes and inhale and exhale.
He looked at him and said ‘Guru, this is what I am doing day and night, otherwise, I would have died by now’

Guru calmly looked at his disciple and said, ‘What you are doing at night is called ‘sleeping ‘and what I am going to teach is ‘meditation’’
What. At first he was surprised. And then the enlightenment dawned on him like it dawned on Buddha under Bodhi tree. For him it was a tamarind tree under which they were practising meditation.

‘Sleeping and meditation are two different things.  Oh God. Great philosophy.’
His guru’s Words opened his eyes, but Guru asked him to close his eyes and continue the meditation.
He said ‘Sorry’ and closed his eyes.

Guru was explaining the process of meditation. ‘We have a conscious mind which is always wandering around. With this practice, we may have to move into our subconscious state and then our subconscious mind will search the super consciousness and will merge with that to attain the blissful state.’

On hearing this explanation, he was little bit confused and fell unconscious.
Guru sprinkled water on his face and told ‘Please don’t worry about the process. You continue to focus on your breathing. Do this for five minutes daily at your home regularly.’

He went home and sat on the floor of the hall and closed his eyes. He could hear the sound from TV, sound from bathroom, and also he could smell the aroma of food coming from kitchen.

His conscious mind was wandering around these sounds and smells. When the mind entered the sub-conscious state, he heard a heavy heavenly voice. He followed the voice and opened his eyes only to find his commander in chief, his wife staring and shouting ‘Enough with the meditation. Get ready to take our son to school ‘

His conscious mind suddenly changed its path and he again fell unconscious. When he opened his eyes, he could see the deep respect on the face of his wife while she uttered,’ is the meditation this much effective. Your face has a bright glow’

The shine on his face was due to the oil he had applied overnight but he was not going to reveal that
That bright chance of his wife respecting him made him to continue the meditation efforts. He is a very sincere fellow.  If you look back at his educational records, you could find out that it took ten attempts for him to complete the degree and twenty attempts to complete the post graduation.

Now let it be hundred and more attempts. His awakening experience has started his meditation journey and it will continue for ever.
------------------------------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi 

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