Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Swimming is for fishes and frogs – Humorous article

Swimming is for fishes and frogs – Humorous article
With extended legs and arms, we are in a better position to swim, rather than these fishes. Hence I decided to learn swimming and went to a nearby swimming pool. I slipped myself into water and stood there with my feet firmly on the floor and my head protruding above the water. The pool is of only five feet depth.

I started swimming with my hands pushing the water here and there. Swimming seemed to be very easy. I practiced the same strokes by ace swimmers. The only difference is that I am doing this in standing position. So What. Movement of hands is very important. Right?

If you compare my strokes with those swimmers who were crossing me to reach the other end of the pool, there is no difference at all. Absolutely no. For me it was like half swimming.

Having gained little bit of confidence with my hand strokes, I shifted my attention to my legs. Shifting the attention is very easy but shifting the legs seemed to be little bit difficult. Balancing my position inside water and raising my legs inside water did not match each other.

Either my body fell or my legs stood. I had to choose either of these acts. Well, if I let my body fell into the water it immersed inside creating little bit of discomfort to my breathing.  And the desire to live made me to come back to my original standing position.

Well there was a fight between the desire to swim and the determination to breath. At last the determination to breathe won. After all life is a precious thing. Right?

I looked around and saw people swimming from this end to that end.  I also effortlessly walked from this end to that end inside water. I got some satisfaction of across the canal swimming.

Then suddenly enlightenment dawned on me. After all , swimming is for fishes and frogs. We, as human beings have the big earth to explore. I went out of the pool and walked around the pool six times with the satisfaction of six senses specimen and returned home safely.