Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reflection of Love

Reflection of Love


When you want to write something

You don't get into anything

When you get into something

You don't want to write that thing

Is it the decency , is it the secrecy

Is it the fear, is it the tear

Broken heart bleeds the blood, Taken mind drowns in flood

Sky and land stay apart, Sea alone reflects both

Promises are to be kept, Purity is to be set

Lovers are to be left, Love is to be wept

--------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi


Friday, May 29, 2009

Dancing to the Tune

Dancing to the Tune
Flowers dance to the tune of plants
Feathers dance to the tune of birds
Colors dance to the tune of white
Clouds dance to the tune of sky
Waves dance to the tune of sea
Words dance to the tune of poetry
Paintings dance to the tune of brush
Feelings dance to the tune of mind
Bodies dance to the tune of age
People dance to the tune of God
------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

Old in the Middle

Old in the Middle
Old age got a new name now
Above fifty, above eighty
All call them as middle age alike
Middle aged people are retiring now
Middle aged people are in the hospitals
Middle aged people are in old age homes
Middle aged people are also dying
Opposite to young is altered as Middle
When will the middle move to young
To make the world young and young
-------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whom do you like

Whom do you like
All People are not alike
Few people are whom you like
When you talk to somebody
If you hear the melody
When you walk with someone
If you feel the winwin
When they come towards you
if you sense the drops of dew
When they move away from you
If you get the sorrow due
How do you know your people
How together eat an apple
Secret lies in waves of thought
Which arise as single knot
If you smile, they also smile
If you weep, they also weep
Hands of help and heads of love
Happen to these people now
Put and get that kind inside
Push and pull the joy all sides
-------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

Monday, May 25, 2009

What is what

What is what
Water is tasty when you are thirsty
Food is God when you are hungry
Clothe is burden when it is hot
Clothe is heaven when it is cold
Hut is palace when you have family
Palace is hell when you are alone
Time is fast when you are busy
Time is slow when you are lazy
Sleep is pleasant when you are young
Death is peace when you are old
------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

Friday, May 22, 2009

Matter of Matter

Matter of Matter
Air and water, everything is matter
Be a matter to become a matter
If not a matter, nobody matters
What will matter if somebody matters
Discuss some matters, avoid some matters
What matters to one is no matter to others
Matters have particles, particles have matters
Powerful particles, powerful matters
Matter alters if it doesnot matter
Somebody matters, somebody doesnot matter
---------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who and Where

Who and Where


Many faces on the street

Some smiling, some sad

Cigar lips, serious minds

Quarelling few, caring some

Hefty fellows, lean people

Friendly speech, fearful walk

Alongwith bullock, alone with umbrella

Carrying children, careless running

Mobile on ear, talking to themselves

Who are they, Where do they go

---------------- Nagendra Bharathi


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Idle Life

Idle Life
Get up at ten O' clock
No Brushing no Bathing
Little food little water
Again sleep Day is gone
Night is bright Light and sound
Club and party Dine and wine
Back to Home Back to bed
Sleep is nice Again morning
No more work No more money
Idle life All have gone
-------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ornaments of Orphan

Ornaments of Orphan
Wandering alone in a busy street
Plucking a flower in a big park
Reading a book in a packed library
Swimming over a noisy sea
Travelling with a bag in a crowded train
Working at office in a corner room
Sleeping on a double cot as a single person
Dreaming the darkness as a companion
Waking up to see the empty room
Orphan is one with ornaments of these
---------------------Nagendra Bharathi

Monday, May 18, 2009

Power of Hunger

Power of Hunger


Pinching feeling inside the belly

Taken water stays a second

Again comes the irritating sensation

Eyes tiring unable to open

Little drops leaving the lips

Losing energy losing sight

Need a support to stand or sit

Lie down on the rough tough floor

Earth as mother like a feather

Nothing to say nothing to think

------------------------------Nagendra Bharathi


Friday, May 15, 2009

Blame and Shame

Blame and Shame
That was the time when
we did not blame the Sun for heat
That was the time when
we did not blame the snow for cold
That was the time when
we did not blame the rain for wet
But we did blame our teacher
for the home work and the exams
And we did blame our mother
for the house work and food
Oh- now this is the time that we
blame the Sun, snow and rain
But we long long for mother and teacher
who are no more now
Yes- Shame on us for
blaming them then but
No regrets will bring them back
No past will return ever
Shame will follow blame one day
Hence blame not now to be in shame
-------------------- Nagendra Bharathi

Saturday, May 9, 2009

changing colors

Changing Colors
Color blinds when life blinks
Moon is black when it kills the love
Water is brown with dusts of sorrow
Earth is red with blood of failure
Trees are blue as they carry the tears
Night is white to open the eyes
Sun is green to clear the path
Day is yellow to bring the hope
Mind is orange with full of joy
Color booms when life blooms
--------------------- Nagendra Bharathi

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Country Side

Country Side


Oh Country side The God Side

Work at peace Life at ease

Young and old Always bold

Sky is pure Health is sure

Night is silent Day is vibrant

Cattle on meadow Birds on shadow

Flowers at berth Nature at birth

Rain to earth Agri to wealth

Air is rhyme All is fine

Only the country side Oh the God side

------------------Nagendra Bharathi


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tree Feeling

Tree Feeling
Trees bring different feelings
Neem brings bed for sick
Palm brings goal to reach
Coconut brings scattered ideas
Tamarind brings twist to tongue
Bamboo brings music to ear
Plantain brings feast to eat
Rubber brings milky touch
Banyan brings peace to test
Trees bring different feelings
-----------------Nagendra Bharathi

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time is running

Time is running
Morning evening night and day
Time is running without her
Office house club and park
Time is running without her
Friends relatives neighbours and people
Time is running without her
Cinemas Dramas serials and games
Time is running without her
Village town India and America
Time is running without her
-------------------------Nagendra Bharathi

Saturday, May 2, 2009




It knows not what is religion

It knows that what is God

It knows not what is money

It knows that what is need

It knows not what is sorrow

It knows that what is joy

It knows not what is war

It knows that what is peace

It knows not what is adult

It knows that what is child

-----------------------Nagendra Bharathi


Friday, May 1, 2009


He is not a child - then
Why does he weep
He is not a poet - then
Why does he write
He is not a slave - then
Why does he beg
He is not a believer - then
Why does he pray
He may be a lover - that is
Why does he do
--------------------------Nagendra Bharathi